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Wasatch 7.0 Download latakar




The new SoftRIP is Version 7.0 (Build 747) and has been specifically designed for high speed applications including Digital Instant Photography (DIP), Digital Film, Web and Consumer Electronics. All of these new applications are using the CCD technology. SoftRIP can be downloaded from Wasatch's website. About Wasatch Wasatch Microelectronics is a worldwide leader in high-speed, low-level signal conversion and photonic detection solutions. Originally founded in 1988 as an optical interconnect company, Wasatch Microelectronics (WMI) evolved over the years to become an expert in high-speed imaging technology. WMI’s new SoftRIP acquisition combines both Wasatch’s expertise in signal conversion and photonic detection and Wasatch's market leading image processing technology in a new product offering. The combined technology of Wasatch’s SoftRIP and its other imaging products produces the best system image processing solution for high speed imaging applications, including Digital Instant Photography, Digital Film, Web and Consumer Electronics. WMI's Vision product line is designed to take the edge out of real-time video systems through low-level signal conversion technology that is both compact and quiet. WMI's ColorBox is an industry-leading flat panel imaging sensor that is small in size and achieves very high signal-to-noise performance. WMI's high-speed products include the ColorRay signal converter, the Digital Slow Scan CCD (DSSC), the ColorBox and the company's SoftRIP product line. WMI's SoftRIP product line is used as the standard in many video surveillance applications. Contact WMI Microelectronics is looking for new opportunities to partner with companies that need to quickly and easily transfer high-speed images to their PCs. For more information about Wasatch Microelectronics and its products, visit their Web site at CHADFORD, N.H. - February 2, 2004 - On the eve of its 40th year, Wasatch Microelectronics, the worldwide leader in high-speed, low-level signal conversion and photonic detection solutions, today announced the acquisition of SoftRIP LLC, a leader in image processing technology for video and still-image applications. Wasatch Microelectronics is now combining SoftRIP's unique technology with its expertise in imaging solutions to provide the industry's leading high-speed image processing solution for video and still-image applications. The new acquisition enhances Wasatch Microelect




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Wasatch 7.0 Download latakar

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