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Behind the scenes at my photography studio (or the little wooden shed at the bottom of the garden.)

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that a lot of my photography takes place in my little wooden shed at the bottom of my garden. Despite the odd spider and various critters which call it home, it's a really great photography space for a couple of reasons.

  • With just one door and two small windows, it's really easy to manipulate the light hitting the subject. My photography is all about chiaroscuro lighting - an Italian term originally used in painting to signify bright and dark or clear 'chiaro' and obscure 'oscuro'. The light coming through the door can illuminate the main parts of the subject, while the background fades out to darkness. Want more light? Open the door wider. Too much light? Close it slightly - simple!

  • The little shed is surrounded by trees so the light is a soft dappled sunlight most of the time. On really bright days, a little piece of voile hanging across the door can diffuse the light and makes the world of difference to the finished image.

It's definitely worth experimenting with different areas in your house/garden if you are attempting any kind of still life photography as the right light can make or break an image. Try different areas at different times of day too. I find that late afternoon light really works for my images - midday is too harsh and mornings can be a little too cool. Like everything in photography, experimenting is the key.

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